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From Midyat to current day. Gregory Jewellers, an Australian Story of Enduring Craftsmanship, Innovation and Success.



Gregory Jewellers’ heritage dates back to the 1940s in the city of Midyat, the heart of the Syriac Aramean community. The Silver Filigree work performed by the Master Jewellers is a distinctive artisan style of the province, a design element that Gregory Jewellers pays tribute to through many of its designs. Jewellery making, a celebrated handicraft of Midyat, had been the main source of trade there for hundreds of years.
























Midyat, 1940s




















The Ancient Art of Filagree

At very young ages, Brothers, Lahdo & Christopher Gregory, and Uncles, Isak and the Late Abraham Gregory had joined as apprentices under the Master Jewellers of Midyat where they learned and quickly developed skills for jewellery making.  By 1966 Lahdo & Christopher, now skilled jewellers are realising their potential and moved their Families to Istanbul.  Uncles, Isak and Abraham Gregory had moved to Germany and are also working in jewellery industry.


Upon settling in Istanbul in 1967, Lahdo & Christopher together established Gregory Brothers, a jewellery making studio that handcrafted premium quality jewellery.

The Gregory Brothers very quickly gained a reputation for design and fine quality craftsmanship, a reputation which remains to this very day.  They registered Gregory Brothers name for the C95 Hallmark, which was authorised by the Jewellery Association of Istanbul.  C95 Hallmark was the Gregory patent and encapsulated the Gregory Brothers’ commitment to meticulously crafting and finishing each piece, a dedication that has translated into their continued operational success.


In around 1969 Uncles Isak & Abraham, relocated their families from Germany to Istanbul to join Lahdo & Christopher and the Gregory Brothers Partnership.  The four families came together with one vision for a successful future.



It was in the mid 1970’s, that the Gregory Families started to hear about a young country, Australia.  They heard it was full of opportunity and promise.  This was at a time where the four families were considering a new life for themselves and their young families.   Over the years and after many family discussions it was agreed that Christopher and his wife, Rose would make the trip and discover what Australia had to offer.  It was a very a difficult decision, to board a plane and leave everything behind, but one which would bring the entire Family closer to their vision.



On the 16th of March, 1976, Christopher and Rose, who was pregnant with Helen, landed in Australia as tourists.   Already in love with the potential of this country, Christopher started a new job as a jeweller at the Bambini Trust building and worked day and night to make ends meet.  Christopher saw there was a gap in the Australian market for manufacturing and wholesaling fine jewellery, that coupled with the warmth of the Australian people and the lifestyle, he and Rose started the process to apply for permanent residency with the prospect of bringing the family from abroad to also settle in Australia.


The journey of acquiring permanent residency was long and they faced many setbacks, but this did not deter Christopher or the Family.  In 1977 came the news that the Australian Government was allowing Qualified Jewellers to come to Australia and this marked a joyous new beginning for the four families. Having placed their trust and faith in Christopher & Rose, the three families made the exciting voyage from Istanbul to Sydney.



In 1978, The Four families had arrived to Australia and Gregory Brothers was established.  And like their success in Istanbul, they quickly captured the gap in the Australian market for manufacturing and wholesaling fine jewellery.  Based in the heart of Sydney, CBD, Gregory Brothers infused their designs with their Midyat heritage, and experienced commercial success. Renowned for their exceptional quality and fast delivery, which stands today, they ran a successful wholesaling business, supplying to hundred accounts across Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.


The turbulence of the International Stock Market Slump in 1987 made it clear that Gregory Brothers would have to diversify to survive this.  Having supplied retailers for many years, the Gregory Family embraced their entrepreneurial thinking, turning their skills and innovation to retail.  And so, on the 17th of December, 1989, the Gregory Family, opened their first retail Boutique at Westpoint Blacktown, it was called Diamond Land Jewellers.  In that year, they also began their long-standing partnership with TAG Heuer, which continues to this day.


Instrumental to the great success of these Boutiques, were the wives Leyla, Rose, Gulay and Behiye Gregory.  With their appreciation for style and dedication to excellent customer service, they gave Diamond Land Jewellers a very positive reputation in the Australian Market.  The network of luxury Boutiques rapidly grew and the Sydney Jewellery Studio started to exclusively produce premium quality for their Boutiques.  Having already set the benchmark for luxury environments, in 1995, Diamond Land Jewellers was rebranded as Gregory Jewellers, a pivotal turning point in the brand’s legacy.


Today, the Gregory Retail Portfolio boasts 15 Gregory Boutiques, 5 Pandora Boutiques and more recently the first Gucci Timepiece & Jewellery Boutique based in Miranda Westfield.  Having gained national recognition as an emporium for Fine Jewellery and Timepieces, Gregory Boutiques feature some of the world’s most sought-after Brands, including IWC, Panerai, Breitling, Tag Heuer, Tudor,  Zenith, Longines, Gucci, Rado, Oris, Tissot, to name a few.

The Gregory Family at the Bambini Trust Restaurant and Bar, August 2019


Gregory Jewellers is very much an Australian story of enduring success. At the core of this success has always remained a heritage of exquisite craftsmanship and dedication to exceptional customer experiences.



Having retired from the partnership, Uncles Isak and the Late Abraham Gregory have entrusted Co-Founders Lahdo & Christopher with the continued success of the business.  Now in it’s third generation, the management and vision of the business has been passed to cousins Helen Gregory and Edward Gregory who direct and innovate as Co-CEOs. Simon Gregory, manages Sydney Jewellery Studio as well is the company Valuer & Gemmologist, Suellen Gregory oversees the business’ creative direction, Sara Gregory designs the company’s silver collections and Robert Gregory oversees the company’s commercial interests and business portfolio.


The Gregory Jewellers brand tells a story of triumph and prosperity, sustained by hard work and ingenuity. Remaining true to its cultural heritage, the Gregory Family’s design signature is the perfect synthesis of Midyat craftsmanship and the finest materials.


Visit your local Gregory Jewellers today and experience the difference for yourself!

Co-CEOs Edward and Helen pictured with Co-Founders, Christopher and Lahdo Gregory, 2019
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