The Gregory Jewellery Studio

Situated in Sydney's bustling CBD, the Gregory Studio has been creating the finest Australian-made jewellery for over 50 years.

Our Sydney Jewellery Studio

As purveyors of fine diamonds and beautiful gemstones for over 50 years, Gregory Jewellers has a long and lustrous heritage of exquisite craftsmanship and a dedication to the finest quality.

our philosophy

Quality and Excellence form the basis of the Gregory culture and brand. Making Australian jewellery and employing Australian artisans is of the utmost importance to us.

Finest degree of quality

Each piece is crafted with fastidious attention to detail, meticulous hand selection ensures all diamonds and gemstones are superior to industry standards, whilst rigorously selected materials are carefully constructed according to the Gregory Standard, a five point criteria guaranteeing every piece bearing the Gregory maker’s mark is finished to the finest degree of quality.


Exquisite Craftmanship

Our Sydney based, state of the art production facilities facilitate custom design & alterations to our exquisite pieces without excessive delays – all delivered with an incomparable finish.


The meticulous process of individually selecting each diamond by eye refines each clarity grade, allowing us opportunity to source you the best each grade has to offer.


We rigorously select our rare, coloured gemstones from all over the world, ensuring they display the most vibrant colours and are of the utmost quality.

Our Story

Gregory Jewellers, an Australian Story of Enduring Craftsmanship, Innovation and Success.

gregory careers

A position with Gregory Jewellers is your gateway to a long term career in this industry. We invite you to join our team and work alongside us to shape the future of our business.

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